Turn-Key Missions

Alba Orbital provides nanosatellite missions at unparalleled cost - offering the opportunity to provide all the satellite hardware you need, and a mission launch slot within 12 months of placement of a deposit. Our high performance 3p PocketQube can be tuned to Earth Observation or Telecommunications missions as required (EUR 259k for satellite, launch, and up to 1 year of operations), and we also offer a less expensive educational package (EUR 219k for satellite, launch and 1 year of operations). 

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PocketQube Earth Observation missions

We're developed a PocketQube platform for Earth Observation Applications - like our own Night Light imaging application which will be showcased on our Unicorn-1 Mission. Alba Orbital can deliver a fully commissioned Earth Observation PocketQube mission to you for EUR 259k.


PocketQube telecommunication Missions

With up to 20W of power available on board our 3p systems, and flight-ready deployable antenna systems to support a range of frequencies, PocketQube systems offer the perfect platform for temporal-resolution driven telecommunications applications - with an unbeatable mission cost of EUR 259k.  


pocketqube for teaching and training

PocketQubes remain an ideal teaching and training aid, with a new launch cluster scheduled for deployment every year so you'll never miss your chance to send your teams work into space! We offer custom packages of hardware and platforms ready to integrate your payload, according to your timeline - as well as launch, licencing, and operations packages at the lowest prices in space.