3rd PocketQube Workshop 2019

Following the success of the first and second PocketQube Workshop hosted in TU Delft, we were excited to host the 3rd PocketQube Workshop in Glasgow! The event hosted in the Glasgow University Union and was held over two days with 23 speakers who joined us from across the globe. We would like to thank our sponsors, SkyFox Labs, Glasgow Convention Bureau, the Science & Technologies Facilities Council and everyone who attended, for helping to make it a reality.

The 3rd PocketQube Workshop is a fantastic opportunity to explore PocketQube technology, as the two day workshop brings together world leading innovators from the PocketQube community and will cover all areas for PocketQube developers.



Thursday 5th September

  1. Stuart Robinson, $50SAT Team,

  2. Julian Fernandez, Fossa Systems, Fossasat-1 - Slides

  3. Israel Alejandro Arriago Trejo, CONACYT, Design and Development of an Educative Platform Based on the PocketQube60 Specification at the Autonomous University of Zacatecas - Slides

  4. Alejandro Cordero, Technical School of Argentina, Design and Assembly of PocketQube ‘SatDuino’ - Slides

  5. Sevket Uludag, TU Delft, Assembly, Integration and Testing of the Delfi-PQ - Slides

  6. Victor Burgos Gonzalez, DHV Technology, Solar Panels for Small Satellites - Slides

  7. Cynthia Wilson, 18 SPCS Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Sharing Team, Small Satellite Support - Slides

  8. Peter Klupar, Breakthrough Starshot, Starshot: Sending Ultra-small Vehicles at Ultra-fast Velocities - Slides

  9. Zac Manchester, Stanford University, Chipsats: Engineering the World’s Smallest Spacecraft - Slides

Friday 6th September

  1. Martin Dunn, Alba Orbital, PocketQube Standard - Slides

  2. Dr A. Menicucci, TU Delft, Delfi-PQ Overview - Slides

  3. Joseph Latrell, Photos to Space, From Basement to Orbit: Overcoming Technical Challenges When You Don’t Know What You Are Doing - Slides

  4. Dr Constantin Constantinides, Alba Orbital, Unicorn-2 - Slides

  5. Oriol Cortes, Universidad Europea, EASAT-2 - Slides

  6. Oliver Vassalo, University of Malta, FEC Scheme and Multiple Sessions Support for PocketQubes: Ground-Satellite Communication Link - Slides

  7. Sean Casey, Atlas Space Operations, The Transformation of Ground Stations: New Technology on the Rise - Slides

  8. Dr Symon Podilchak, Heriot-Watt University, Compact Antennas for Micro Satellites - Slides

  9. Stefan Stanislaw Iwanicki, Spin Makes for Cooler Satellites, Queens University Belfast - Slides

  10. Dr Thomas Sinn, Deployables Cubed, Miniature Release Mechanisms and Deployables for PocketQubes - Slides

  11. Azhar Din, Alba Orbital, Radio Systems Engineering: A PocketQube Story - Slides

  12. Tom Walkinshaw, Alba Orbital, Alba Orbital Update - Slides

Support for the 3rd PocketQube Workshop Glasgow 2019 has been provided by the Glasgow Convention Bureau.