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Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Alba Orbital wants to get more people building and launching their own satellites. We provide a hub of support for the fledgling class of PocketQube satellites by not only building our own platforms but providing parts and launch to companies, universities and space agencies around the world. Alba now employees 15 people and is the largest picosat company in the world.

Tom Walkinshaw's (CEO) TEDx talk on Alba Orbital and PocketQubes






Startup 100   - Ranked the 95th startup in the UK

Startup 100 - Ranked the 95th startup in the UK

2013   Shell     Livewire   - Grand Ideas Award Winner

2013 Shell Livewire - Grand Ideas Award Winner


Meet the founder

Tom Walk  in  shaw - Founder/CEO

Tom Walkinshaw - Founder/CEO

With background in Entrepreneurship, Project Management and Marketing, 

Tom is responsible for the overall management and direction of PocketQube

Shop. He graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University with degree in

Business Management and Enterprise. His industrial experience includes

Hewlett Packard, CORE PD and @sipp. Tom has been featured in WIRED,

The Daily Mail and the Guardian.

e: tom@pocketqubeshop.com t: @tomwalki in: Tom Walkinshaw



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Radiobro Corporation