Unicorn-1 Platform

Unicorn-1 is Alba Orbital's first PocketQube platform and was designed in partnership with the European Space Agency.
The Unicorn-1 is the ideal platform for in-orbit demonstration, testing and experimentation.

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First Mission -

The first Unicorn-1 will be launched in 2018 and will be the European Space Agency's first PocketQube mission. Unicorn-1 will trial the world's first picosatellite low earth orbit inter-satellite link to a geo-stationary platform. This mission will be launched from the UniSat-7 from GAUSS Srl.

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Size: 2p (Double PocketQube), 50mm x 50 mm x114mm

Payload Volume: 1P (50mm x 50mm x 50mm)

Mass: 490 grams (approx). 100g available for payload

Payload: S-band Inter Satellite Link (ISL) radio, 

Orbit: SSO

Power: 1W On-Orbit Average Power

Passive attitude stabalisation

PQ60 Payload Compatible - see www.pq60.net


Pricing: Pricing varies by mission, but starts from 159k euro for platform, 40k euro launch.

Case Studies: We are working with TUV Nord, Alter Technology and Optocap to develop the 'Optosat' for Semiconductor in space verification and demonstration. We published a paper on the project at the UK Space Conference 2017 - Link.

Turnaround: We can have your hardware delivered as little as 9 months, contact us to get started.

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