Need a launch for your PocketQube Satellite? We can find you opportunities to get your satellite flown. The secondary payload market allows small satellites to be flown alongside other satellites. Existing Launch brokers have typically not been interested in PocketQubes, as you need a large number of satellites to fill any launch vehicle.

Alba Orbital has developed strong partnerships with several launch companies and brokers. This enables us to offer launch opportunities to companies, universities and teams. Alba Orbital has plans to launch PocketQubes from H2, 2018. We intend to run an annual launch service to ensure reliable access to space for PocketQube teams.

Launch Opportunities from Alba Orbital:

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Deployers and ICD:

Alba Launch clusters use Albapod deployers. These come in two varieties, 6p and 96p. Albapod uses a flight proven release mechanism to ensure performance in-orbit.

Draft Albapod ICD: version 0.1

 Albapod with a customers PocketQube Inside

Albapod with a customers PocketQube Inside