Unicorn-2 Features and Specifications

Unicorn-2 is the worlds most advanced pico-satellite by an order of magnitude on all specifications, on all subsystems. We have redefined what a PocketQube can do and in the process opened the door for suite of users to take advantage of this breakthrough technology platform. Find out more below:

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Unicorn-2 boasts the worlds first Pico or Nano-satellite Quadruple deployable solar panel. This creates in-excess of 19 watts peak power (19.96w on standard version), with standard missions generating 10-15 watts on orbit average. Payloads have upto 5 watts available per orbit via a 3v3, 5, or 12v line rated for upto 5 amps. Our nominal configuration has 14.8 watts of storage available via two Lithium-Ion batteries, mounted externally to increase payload volume. Unicorn-2 is one of the worlds best performing satellites as measured by power to weight.

payload volume

One of our key insights from Unicorn-1 is that pico-satellites should be integrated instead of modular. There are 7 billion smartphones globally and all manufacturers have chosen integration as a design philosophy. Unicorn's key subsystems, EPS, OBC and ADCS are all integrated into one PCB. This allows the majority of the inside volume of the satellite to be used for the valuable thing.. payload! Our optical payload take up 50% of our platform allowing for higher res imagery for EO missions.




Alba Orbital have designed and integrated the worlds first Attitude Determination and Control System for a PocketQube class satellite. This allows worst case point accuracy of 5 degrees. The platform is equipped with two 2 axis sun sensors, 4 Light Dependent Resistors, 3 brushless motors with reaction wheels and 3 axis magnetometer and magnetorquers.


Alba Orbital have developed two customs radios and antennas for Unicorn-2. Our UHF and S-Band modules can downlink at upto 200kb/s, opening the opportunity to fly more data intensive payloads. Unicorn-2 as standard uses a custom UHF monopole (omni) and a higher gain S-band patch antenna (directive).