Unicorn-2 Mission Ideas

The Unicorn-2 PocketQube Platform can service a wide number of potential mission types. We have detailed some of the more common missions type/payloads below. Unicorn-2 is a versatile satellite platform and we enjoy finding new ways to meet your user requirements.



The U2 Platform was baselined around an Earth observation platform. Our Tech demo mission U2A is flying an RGB 70mm focal length optical payload which is capable of approximately 15m GSD at a 350km Orbit. This payload can be upgraded to hit better specs or to look at different spectral bands. This is a great way to launch your new imaging service.


internet of things (iot)/communications missions

Our most popular version of U2 is our communications variant. Servicing communications clients for Internet of Things style missions, as well as new developing markets is well within scope of the platform. Building on our heritage of Intersatellite links (from Unicorn-1) we can build both real-time and store/forward type missions. This is a great way to launch your new communications service into orbit.

adsb skyfox.png

RF Sensing missions

Our platform can be used for hosting RF Sensing missions such as ADSB, AIS and Spectrum monitoring, tracking Aircraft, Ships and spectrum usages. Off the shelf payload solutions such as the Skyfox Labs ADSB Antenna/Receiver are compatible with U2. This is an idea way to create a new proprietary dataset for your customer base to utilize.

Got idea for Unicorn-2 Missions not listed on this page and want to challenge our engineers to see if your mission can be miniturised into our payload bay? Reach out to us at contact@albaorbital.com