Unicorn Factory

Alba Orbital have invested heavily in manufacturing capability allowing us to meet your constellation requirements. Alba has internal targets of producing 10 Unicorn-2’s Flight Models in 2019, a production rate we expect to at least double every year depending on customer demand. We have over 120m2 of facilities, with more than 40m2 of dedicated spacecraft manufacturing, assembly and testing all under one roof.



Alba is a vertically integrated company, designing, building, testing and launching Unicorn-2 for our clients. This allows us greater control of the spacecraft supply chain and allows us to create the most advanced Pico-satellites ever developed.


All Unicorns go through extensive ground testing before flight. We perform both functional and environmental testing to assure best performance to maximize mission success.



By the end of 2019, we are targeting a production rate of one spacecraft per month, depending on customer demand. Our manufacturing and supply chain processes are scalable allowing us to cater to larger quantities as and when required.