Unicorn-2 Constellation Options

The maximum utility of Unicorn-2 is the deploy a number of them at scale, creating a swarm or constellation of spacecraft capturing a data set or creating a service which would otherwise not be economically viable.


Deploying at scale

To service a PocketQube Constellation deployment we have had to radically rethink how we would deploy customers satellites in orbit. This meant moving away from our workhorse 6p Albapod, to our next generation 96p deployer. The 96p can deploy upto 32 Unicorn-2 satellites from one deployer. This allows rapid deployment of a constellation and a record low price.


Unicorn-2 has been design with mass manufacturing in mid. Our backplane which has an integrated OBC/EPS/ADCS can be rapidly produced at scale within weeks off finalising a customer design. Due to PocketQubes small size, the manufacturing process mimics other mass scale consumer electronic devices such as smartphone, of which there are billions in circulation. Each iteration of the Unicorn platform will have design for manufacture (DFM) at its core allowing us to meet our customers most challenging requirements.

constellation frames.jpg

delivering a new service from orbit

To offer a truly revolutionary service from orbit, a constellation of Unicorn-2 spacecraft can meet untapped customer segments which were previously not economically viable for servicing by satellite operators. We have created an animation to demonstrate the deployment of such a constellation from a dedicated launch vehicle.