1st PocketQube Workshop Asia Slides and Pictures

We were excited to organise the 1st Asian PocketQube Workshop. The event was a half day event with 6 speakers from 4 different PocketQube building organisations. The event was hosted at Skyscanner’s Singapore office and we would like to thank them for sponsoring the event!


  1. Silvana Radu, TU Delft, PocketQube Standard and Delfi-PQ (3p) - Slides

  2. Saurav Paudel, Orion Space, Overview of NepalPQ-1 (1p) - Slides

  3. Andrew Paliwoda, Alba Orbital, Overview Alba Orbital and Alba Launch Clusters - Slides

  4. Stuart McAndrew, Picosat Systems, Development of OzQube-1 (1p) PocketQube - Slides

  5. Yaju Rajbhandari, Orion Space, Electrical Power System (EPS) of Nepal-PQ1 - Slides

  6. Tom Walkinshaw, Alba Orbital, Developments of Unicorn-2a (3p) and the Albapod deployer - Slides