Find your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with Alba Orbital

Glasgow-based nano-satellite developer Alba Orbital offers their PocketQube platforms to space startups looking for a minimum viable product (MVP). Once a startup ourselves, we understand your need to find your feet in the highly competitive space industry.

Valuable lessons can be learned from your first ever satellite mission, no matter what the outcome is. We produce two different platforms, Unicorn-1 and Unicorn-2, whilst supporting regular launch opportunities. We save you time as an MVP is the most efficient way to test and improve a product. Alba Orbital can help you add value to your future development by providing preformance data and allow you to show your solution works in space.

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Why Alba Orbital?


As world leaders in nano-satellite technology, we believe that using our PocketQubes as your MVP bear numerous advantages to your startup. Firstly, our platforms possess a vast array of applications, from nighttime Earth observation (EO) to plane tracking. You name it - we consider diverse mission objectives. We also offer flexibility in size, design and kind of payload which renders the nanosatellite to suit your mission. Our key headliner lies in cost. From as little as 219k euro for satellite, launch and first year of operations, we provide a one stop shop for satellites. The miniaturization of technology translates to the most cost-effective access to space. We break one of the biggest barriers for startups, cost, allowing you to achieve your first satellite mission for less.

Staying small means achieving big. We ensure reliability through rigid testing for quality assurance in design and performance with tests built on ESA and NASA frameworks. Top quality performance keeps risks low. Furthermore, scheduling regular launches leads to short turnaround times. We know how precious time can be to any company, particularly startups. We value the importance of commercial deadlines. We hope that our timeliness is therefore an attractive quality in what we can provide to you as our target market. We operate on a international basis so we do not see location as a limit in supplying your MVP.

Above all, we are beginner friendly. We guide you in each step of your journey to space. We see our PocketQubes as educational platforms on which feedback can be obtained. Our research purposes are limitless. Even if it is your first satellite mission, Alba Orbital gives you the capacity that you need to make it a success.


What this means…


Alba Orbital’s PocketQube platforms allow you to increase your startup’s knowledge of the product in general. Enabling product innovation and improvement through testing your idea. It attracts interest from your potential target markets and investors early on by giving them an idea of what your new products may be like concerning future developments and proves that you have made a crutial step forward.

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Got PocketQube ideas? Start your project today. For more information, please email