Why PocketQubes are ideal for education

Alba Orbital supports the future of higher education


From black holes to shooting stars, outer space truly is an infinite source of education. The human race is largely fascinated by what is yet to be discovered and hopes that space research can help us better understand our Earth itself. Thanks to the recent advancement in new technology, the depth of possible research is limitless. However, start-up company Alba Orbital have identified, like most of us, a recurring problem, which is the lack of funding in space research, thus limiting our overall access to space.  


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We provide the solution - a new approach to the market. Having established ourselves in this fast-growing community in 2012, our team of engineers successfully designed and developed the first ever PocketQube platforms in history, known as nano-satellites. We believe that the miniaturization of technology opens up a vast array of learning opportunities in the higher education sector, thus democratising your access to space. As our headquarters are based in Glasgow, we already work in the proximity of three prestigious universities - the University of Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian University and Strathclyde University - with whom we aim to strengthen our relations. Nonetheless, we also welcome an international client base. We therefore target both university academics and students in the science field to use this educational platform in conducting their upcoming research. We provide in-orbit demonstration, testing and experimentation depending on your mission. 


PocketQubes are ideal for education because they are far more advantageous than any other satellite on the market - small, cheap and reliable. Staying small means that price margins remain low from as little as 219k euro for satellite, launch and the first year of operations. We are aware of the lack of funding in education and so, we remove cost barriers, improving the overall accessibility to this kind of spacecraft and reducing the risk of financial loss in case of failure. Our partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) guarantees top quality design and high performance. Your research objectives are considered given our flexibility in PocketQube size and design. There exists a wide range of applications for data collection, from earth observation (EO) to aircraft signalling, as we accommodate all types of payloads. Our timeliness enables academics to stick to tight university deadlines, i.e. dissertation hand-in date, because we promise to deliver your PocketQube on time. As knowledge providers, we supply universities with a practical spin on education in the scientific fields of coding, robotics, electronics, thermal engineering, structural engineering and radio frequency transmission.


As world leaders in PocketQube technology, Alba Orbital offers you the opportunity to achieve your first ever satellite mission, no matter what the research purpose may be. Simplicity is key. As an academic, you have the capacity to launch a satellite, even if it is your first time, thanks to our help. We would like to contribute to the success of your learning outcomes and aim to support all learning experiences on our journey to space. Through this marketing proposal, we look forward to envisioning the future of space education.


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